My Spiritual Retreat To Sedona Part 1

Doron Alon Magick

Hello, I am Baal Kadmon, and I would like to thank you for watching/reading or listening to this podcast. This will be podcast one of two about my trip to Sedona. This episode will discuss some of my experiences. Part two will be about some of the thoughts and insights that I would like to share with you. I am …

The Core Concepts of Lurianic Kabbalah

Doron Alon Magick

In this Podcast I discuss the Core Concepts of The Aris teachings. Of course, I did not get into everything but you will have a good idea of his conception about the Sephirot and our relation to the Universe.    


Doron Alon Magick

Consultation Services After several hundred requests, I have decided to offer LIMITED consulting services over Skype, audio Only.  There is a limit to email and I know many would like a more dynamic dialogue. If you have questions that you would like me to address, I will gladly schedule a time to talk with you and answer them to the best …

Shiva Mantra Magick

Doron Alon Mantras

Shiva, is one of the most mysterious Gods of the Hindu pantheon. His energy can be found in all things, yet his tranquil, yet fierce energy can seem out of reach for some. His images often depict him in a meditative state or in his most common form, the Nataraja or the one who dances within the circular fires that …

Upcoming Works

Doron Alon Magick

This Podcast is on my latest. Press Play to Your Left.