Baal Kadmon is a New York-based author, occultist, and meditation teacher. The study of history (particularly Ancient History, Late Antiquity, and Medieval History), philosophy, and religion are his other areas of specialization. His linguistic skills include Israeli Hebrew, Classical Hebrew, Ugaritic, Judeo-Aramaic, Syriac (language), Ancient Greek, and Classical Latin.

It was when Baal was a child that he first realized he was to study the occult for the rest of his life. He didn’t respond to the call until he was in his teenage years when he visited the Middle East. Decades later, after learning from many teachers, he was ready to pass on the knowledge he has gained as an occult practitioner.

Over the past few years, Baal has empowered countless people with the magickal knowledge and skills they need to flourish.

Baal’s work is distinguished by his knowledge of ancient languages and his meticulous approach to research. This expertise and methodology allow him to illuminate, and in some cases debunk, myths and falsehoods that are now being spread throughout the Occult community.

His teachings are not run-of-the-mill. In practically all of his writings, he covers extensive history as well as rituals. The revered and idolatrously held views of the majority of occultists are shattered in his work. His down-to-earth attitude to magick is refreshing, and it’s desperately needed in a field rife with egotistical magicians who value theatrics and petty infighting over everything. Baal’s teachings are straightforward and uncomplicated.

Aside from being an occult teacher, he has more than two decades of trading experience in the stock, currency, and commodity markets, as well. He specializes in all major marketplaces for financial trading. He also founded the Blockchain Immersive, a new educational organization that aims to teach beginner and budding traders, investors, and students about Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency.

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