Excerpted from my book: Tap Into the Power of the Chant

Siddhi is a Sanskrit word. Its definition describes exactly what it will help you achieve . It means attaining “Perfection, attainment and accomplishment”. As stated above, it is often used to describe the attainment of supernatural powers. Often people associate it with Hinduism, but Buddhism also has a rich tradition of Siddhi.

People who meditate, magicians and other folk who have a supernatural or spiritual practice often seek to attain Siddhi to obtain control over spiritual entities, forces of nature, other people and one’s own self. Often they do not realize they are doing so. For example, many yoga instructors and meditation experts tell people to recite the mantra “OM” in order to attain peace of mind and grounding. Little do they know that for every recitation they do, they are one step closer to mastering the mantra. It’s for this reason the mantra seems to provide great peace to so many people. They have achieved Siddhi and they do not even know it. What’s more interesting is that if they knew that they have attained Siddhi, they would then be able to focus the OM energy into supernatural powers. The fact they don’t know this might be for the best. I have seen many yoga instructors and casual practitioners of meditation that probably should not know they have just attained supernatural powers. It could get ugly if they knew.

As I mentioned above , many people do not know they have attained Siddhi because they do not realize that Siddhi is a supernatural state of mind as well. Pronouncing the mantras with intention creates a state in the mind that once you use the mantra deliberately, it alters your perception as well. In this sense, if one is aware of this, anyone could attain true Siddhi. But to use it, one needs to be aware of it and like I implied, most do not and should not even attempt to attain it for their own safety and the safety of others.

If you look at not only the Hindu tradition, but in every single spiritual tradition you have stories of ancient and modern accounts of people who have supernatural powers. These powers often are accompanied by mantra recitation or prayer. All these accounts are accounts of Siddhi attainment.  In my book “Tap Into the Power of the Chant” , we will discuss the various kinds of Siddhi found within Hindu Scripture. After that, I will introduce you to the mantras we will be using and their respective Siddhi recitation thresholds and powers.

Kindle: Tap Into The Power Of The Chant: Attaining Supernatural Abilities Using Mantras – Kindle Edition

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Audio book: Tap Into The Power Of The Chant: Attaining Supernatural Abilities Using Mantras – Audio book Edition

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