Belial – A History

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Belial is by far one of the most popular demons in Occult Lore. He is second only to Satan and in some circles, he is Satan himself. When looking through the occult literature one finds rituals to and descriptions of Belial, but there is little to no tangible history. We all take the occult texts as gospel and assume that what we read is all there is regarding Belial. I say this because I have been on countless forums and group pages, and I have read several books in which they often mention Belial. From what I can glean, there seems to be a lot of confusion about his origins and even how to pronounce his name. I created a quick video podcast on how to pronounce his name. You can watch it here on my website.

I am writing this text because I feel with my knowledge of ancient languages and the ability to read and understand source material, as well as my 30 years in the Occult enables me to give more insight into Belial that may not be found in other writings.

Please note, this is NOT a book with rituals for or to Belial. This is an historical text following Belial’s path from a mere adjective describing worthless and lawless men, to the top of the demon lists of the occult. Considering this, I would like to say that this will NOT be just a rehashing of his history, but a textual, linguistic and historical analysis of Belial.

In this book you will learn:

The Name of Belial and its origins</b

Belial in the Old Testament (Hebrew/Greek): I will do a textual and linguistic analysis of the Hebrew Bible and the Greek Septuagint as it pertains to Belial.

Belial In the Pseudepigrapha: It is in these texts that Belial moves into his demonic role. I will examine the texts in greater detail.

Belial in the Dead Sea Scrolls: In these texts, we have Belial taking on a very prominent role in the battle of “light vs darkness”. I will examine the texts in greater depth.

Belial In the New Testament: In the New Testament we have reference to Belial using a different name. I will examine this further AND compare the Greek descriptions of Belial in the New Testament and other Greek sources.

Belial in Jewish Rabbinic Texts: Belial is mentioned within Rabbinic texts. I will elucidate on that as well.

Belial in the Occult: I will discuss Belial as he is portrayed in the Occult.

The “Topic” of Belial as you will see is not so straight forward. He has evolved overtime. I feel as historians and occultists this should be understood.