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The Divine Feminine

Baal Kadmon Kali, Magick, Mantras

Excerpted From Kali Mantra Magick In the Western view of the world, the divine is a decidedly male figure for the most part. In mystical traditions the line might blur between male and female, but for all intents and purposes, the God of western conception is a male. Many of these traditions didn’t necessarily start that way. There is evidence …

What Are Daemons?

Baal Kadmon Daemons, Magick

Excerpted from my book: The Daemonic Companion   Daemons have been used since the beginning of time to help or harm. Although the word Daemon has transformed to mean “Demon” in the west, they are, in fact not demons, although some can be malevolent. (A Very Small Fraction of the passages below are excerpted from my book: 72 Demons of …

Attaining Siddhi

Baal Kadmon Chakras, Kali, Magick, Mantras, Siddhi, Vashikaran

Excerpted from my book: Tap Into the Power of the Chant Siddhi is a Sanskrit word. Its definition describes exactly what it will help you achieve . It means attaining “Perfection, attainment and accomplishment”. As stated above, it is often used to describe the attainment of supernatural powers. Often people associate it with Hinduism, but Buddhism also has a rich …