Excerpted From Kali Mantra Magick

In the Western view of the world, the divine is a decidedly male figure for the most part. In mystical traditions the line might blur between male and female, but for all intents and purposes, the God of western conception is a male. Many of these traditions didn’t necessarily start that way. There is evidence to suggest that during the very early days of all our western religions there were pockets of individuals that incorporated a form of the Feminine energy of the universe in their lives. Some in a very direct way, and some a bit more subtlety. From the Israelite worship of Anat or Asherah, to Christianity’s vague concept of “Sophia” or knowledge which is considered a form of feminine energy. Even in pre-Islamic days there was a goddess by the name Al-Uzza who was a daughter of Allah; one of 3 actually. In time, slowly but surely, the feminine principle was either totally extinguished or relegated to vague ideas that may not have direct discernible meaning to us. Or even worse, they were turned into demons of the night. Notice there are no references to female angels in western tradition ( Biblically that is) but a reference to a female demon of the night.( Isaiah 34:14) More properly referred to as a “Night-monster” or “Night-Owl”. Many believe that this night-monster is Lilith, Adams first wife. However , she is not mentioned directly in the book of Genesis. In Jewish Folklore she was made into a demon. But even in the evil realms most are “male”.   Another interesting fact is that the very word Angel ,which in Greek is Angelos, is a masculine noun to which no female counterpart exists.

If you look very closely at these texts, there are hints of the goddess that the seemingly all male-dominated editors have missed. Whether they are missed intentionally or not is not clear… The end result, according to the western Orthodox religions, is that the goddess is dead.

Look East and you find an entirely different situation altogether. The Feminine energy is not only highly venerated, she is the backbone of existence and without her, not even the male Gods can keep the universe afloat in the sea of consciousness. In Fact, the very word for Feminine energy in Hinduism is Shakti. The meaning of Shakti is unambiguous. It means Power and is the Cosmic energy that is woven into the entire universe. Shakti is the embodiment of female energy of creativity, life-giving and life-destroying. Essentially, it is the direct agent of all change that takes place throughout the universe. Yes, including your own life my friend in Magick.

This energy, although found throughout our body , usually resides at the base of our spine and is called Kundalini. This energy from time to time wakes up and moves through energy centers called the chakras. Our chakras are energy centers throughout our bodies. Since this book is directly about Kali, I wont go into depth regarding the mechanism of the chakras, all you need to know is that they exist.

Generally speaking, this divine energy has several forms. Often they are depicted as various Goddesses in the Hindu religion.  You can learn more in my book

Kali Mantra Magick

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