Email And Messaging Policies

I just want to bring some clarity to my email and messaging policies. It appears some people get offended by the fact I don’t respond to them right away.

So here is the deal.

I get about 50+ emails a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. I do my best to try to answer them all, but it is impossible for me to do so and still write or have any kind of life. I hear that most other authors do not even try to respond to emails unless you pay them money or have purchased a high-priced product they are selling.  That model is fine, there is nothing wrong with it. However, I don’t want to resort to that model personally.

For me to answer emails, I must sort them.

I get the following types of emails:

Many emails are for light chitchat, and that is great, and at times I will have a moment to do so. I cannot always guarantee I can get back to those in a timely manner, if at all. If I don’t, please know that IT IS NOT PERSONAL.

I get emails pleading for me to be their personal teacher… FOR FREE. In either case, I no longer work with people 1-1 for money, or for free. It is for this reason I write my books in a way to teach people how to do it themselves. I am about self-empowerment, not enablement.  Sure, I could make a fortune if I chose this model, but it is simply not how I feel things should be run at this time. YOU, have what it takes and my books and the books of others are a nudge and road map as to how to get where you want to be.

I get emails from people who haven’t even read my books, but have questions regarding OTHER AUTHOR’S BOOKS. Mostly, if they contain Hebrew, angelic script, Arabic or Greek. Apparently, the other authors do not know Hebrew. They simply rehash and recombined known Hebrew spells so people come to me for clarification. I joked the other day that I am the customer service for other author’s lol. I actually don’t mind doing this; those questions don’t bother me.  I am more than happy to help a person on the path, even if they are not reading my books. I wish I had that when I first started, so I am sensitive to those questions and will get to them as I can.

However, please note there are people who do read my books, and I need to attend to them first and I am under no obligation to answer questions regarding other people’s work.  I do so only when time allows. If I can answer it, I will, regardless of the author.

There are many emails in which there is a dire need, and I must attend to those first.  A dire need to me is health-related.  If you have a crush on someone, and you are looking for my help, or you are looking to get into someone’s pants those are not priority, the health-related emails will be.

There are also people I know personally, or at least fairly well, I give them my time as a priority as well.

Unfortunately, people get pissed off when I don’t respond to them right away. It is for this reason, I am writing this post.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.