As I sat at Saint Columba’s bay, one of the rawest and most remote places I have ever seen, I had a moment to reflect. It was only for 15 or 20 minutes but felt like an eternity went by . During that time I reflected on all the perceived struggles I have had here thus far .

I was born and bred in New York City and still reside there . I have had some experiences in raw nature but not many and certainly none like I have had on this pilgrimage. On this trip I encountered Nature in her rawest forms.

I noticed how automatic my responses were to it . How “city” they were . It took me some time to pause those thoughts and reflect on them. At first I thought I should not have these thoughts or feelings . I thought “I need to “connect” in some way or another with the nature here “. It took a moment but, I realized that it’s okay to have those “city” thoughts and it’s okay to feel what I was feeling. We don’t need to be “city ” people and we don’t need to be “nature” people to experience true magick. But we do need to respect both and realize that both have a place in the world .

We can have the forest Druid and the urban Buddha . Anyone who tells you one is better more authentic or more spiritual than the other is not telling you the truth.

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