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Baal Kadmon is an Author, and Occultist based out of New York City. In addition to the Occult, he is a Religious Scholar, Philosopher and a Historian specializing in Ancient History, Late Antiquity and Medieval History. He has studied and speaks Israeli Hebrew · Classical Hebrew · Ugaritic language · Arabic · Judeo-Aramaic · Syriac (language) · Ancient Greek and Classical Latin.


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This audio is for sale for $2.95, reduced from $4.95

In these audios, you will encounter Theta frequencies. These are ideal for calming the mind and allowing you to get into the optimal state for Automatic Writing.

Enclosed you will find four audios. One that will serve as an introduction to the program. One containing Binaural Beats, set to a Theta Wave combination, as well as an audio containing Theta Wave Isochronic Tones. The third audio will contain Binaural beats with my guidance. The Brainwave Audios, and the one with my guidance are about 19-20 minutes long.

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