Welcome to the first episode of the magical musings podcast thank you for joining me. In future editions of this podcast you will learn everything you need to learn about magick. If you’ve read my books you know that I’m a hands-on no-frills teacher and what you will learn will help you. These podcasts will be of mixed media some will be video some will be audio. You can expect quite a lot from this podcast not only will we be talking about magick, we will be answering reader questions I will deal with topics that are in my books as well as announce when new books are released. This will be quite exciting. You can find out more by going to BAALKADMON.COM and sign up for the “BAAL LETTER” to get notified when podcasts are available or just visit the site and see what’s going on. Or join me on Facebook and Twitter at BAAL KADMON. Hope to see you soon. So Mote it be.

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