Ye Olde Magick? Bah

We have been taught for centuries that magick needs to be hard. In many ways this idea became “hard wired” and like any habit, old habits die hard. It’s time for a revolution in Magick, we can’t be teaching the same old traditions. Its time for a change. I am hoping to at least start […]

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang is not balance. Its harmony. Have you ever seen a balanced scale? Its un-moving, its static…its death. Yin and Yang are ever becoming one another. They are in harmony, they are not balanced. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – Baal Kadmon

Jinn Magick Update

Hello, The Book on Jinn Magick is coming out quite well. I am quite excited about it. I preformed a few rituals recently and had very interesting interactions. I will release this book shortly. Here is the introduction to the book: INTRODUCTION This book will not be like the other books I have written. I […]

Magickal Musings Podcast – Introduction

Transcript: Welcome to the first episode of the magical musings podcast thank you for joining me. In future editions of this podcast you will learn everything you need to learn about magick. If you’ve read my books you know that I’m a hands-on no-frills teacher and what you will learn will help you. These podcasts […]

Saint Expedite: A Ritual for Dire Financial Need.

Learn a very powerful ritual to help with dire financial situation. I personally swear by St Expedite. Please work with him. You wont regret it. My book on Saint Expedite: Kindle Edition : Paperback Edition: Audio book Edition:

Question And Answers

I have added a link where you can post questions on the site.  Please go to ASK A QUESTION

The Divine Feminine

Excerpted From Kali Mantra Magick In the Western view of the world, the divine is a decidedly male figure for the most part. In mystical traditions the line might blur between male and female, but for all intents and purposes, the God of western conception is a male. Many of these traditions didn’t necessarily start […]