Today I am going to give my perspective on a very touchy subject. The conversion of Doreen Virtue to Christianity and much more.  If you haven’t heard, Doreen Virtue, was the Queen of the New Age and Patroness of the Oracle Card Deck.

She had a conversion experience to Christianity. And no, not the New Age ,  New Thought Christianity,  but full-on Christianity that many occultists frown upon. We are talking bible-thumbing, only Jesus saves kind of Christianity.   She says all this in a few videos.  I will link one of them below.

When I first heard the rumors that she converted, I was skeptical, but when I saw her video expanding on her conversion, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that it was her authentic self. While watching the video, I had many moments in which I gasped. Not so much because of what she was saying, but rather the fact she, was saying any of it at all.  After watching it, I felt on odd loss. This is funny because I am not even a follower of Doreen Virtue’s, and I have always been skeptical of her ideas of ascended masters and all that. I am rather skeptical of the whole ascended masters, ascension stuff anyway; but that is not for this podcast.

In either case, I walked away a bit stunned. When I say she is hardcore Christian, I am not joking. She, in a very nice way disavowed pretty much everything she has done in the past and everything we do right now. You will see in the video below what I mean.

As you may have seen or can imagine,  many people have come out against her because of this… I won’t be one of those, in fact, if this, to her, is her authentic self, then I say, good for her.  We have ALL changed and evolved in some way or another. What was once true for us, may not be true now. The same applies to her and we should allow her to be free to pursue this shift.

In the video, she makes a valid point about the idea of Jesus.   She mentioned that many are turned off by the idea of Jesus because of a bad experience with the Christian religion. As I said in my post “ The Pot Calling The Kettle Black” I mention that people often experience a bad reaction to religion and then blame the “god” of that religion, when in fact, they suffered hardship due to the  FOLLOWERS of the religion and not from the God itself.  So in many ways, Jesus is the topic of Christianity.  But , he is not the religion itself. So one can, without getting too technical, worship Jesus and not follow canon law.  But even this idea gets pushback from the occult community.

Anything remotely religious is scorned.  I got it, I too had some pretty horrible experiences with religion. But, what I have done, and what we all do, is take what works and leave the rest. In fact, we do it all the time and yet we don’t even know it.  I see many occultists talk about Kabbalah and they get pretty deep into it. Little do they know, is that what they know about it, is mostly based on what has been translated or accentuated.  If you were to read the ORIGINAL texts of the Kabbalah, the very same texts we occultists so selectively quote, it is clear, Kabbalah is NOT for anyone but the Jewish people.

Although I personally don’t believe that and don’t apply that idea, the main Kabbalistic texts says so. Yet somehow it is okay for occultists to accept that but not the idea of Jesus.

In fact, the Zohar, the main text of Kabbalah denigrates non-Jews by saying “Their work is vanity, it is an illusion at which we must laugh; they will perish when God visits them in his wrath.” At the moment when the Holy One, blessed be He, will exterminate all the Gentiles of the world, Israel alone will subsist…” Zohar, Vayschlah 177b. There are many more verses, but that is one to ponder.

Yet, for some reason, occultists are okay quoting the Zohar, but can’t even imagine quoting the bible.

Why? Both are EXTEMELY religious, in fact, kabbalah as we know it wouldn’t even exist if the Jewish RELIGION and the BIBLE didn’t exist. So I think it is being intellectually dishonest to slam Jesus or any religion for that matter while WHOLE heartedly excepting Kabbalah.

Kabbalah at its core is Judaism. We can twist it and turn it around but if you read the Zohar,  it is SUPER dogmatic. It even goes on to say that non-Jews don’t even have the same soul as Jews. Yet, no one even mentions that. So if someone is going to hate religion, they should probably abandon the kabbalah as well and every religious mystical tradition for that matter.

This applies to Sufism as well. Sufism IS Islam, if you disavow the Quran, Sufism is empty and dead.

Same with Hinduism, we chant mantras and read profound words and yet we tend to forget that such texts as the laws of Manu exist and that the caste system is an actual religious edict.  The caste system, that has caused so much suffering, yet we selectively choose to leave that stuff behind for what works for us.  In light of this, We should allow and extend the same courtesy to all religions including Christianity and those who follow it.

So what I am saying is that we should take a broader look at these things. There is nothing wrong with Jesus, there is nothing wrong with taking what works for you and leaving the rest and we can do it without bad mouthing and sending hatred towards a religion. As occultists, we already take what works and leave the rest, I am sure as occultists we can extend the same right to others, including Doreen Virtue.

The next issue is that Doreen virtue has disavowed her oracles cards and ascended masters teachings and even implied that some of these masters might be evil entities.  So the question is, what about all the work she has published? Does that mean it is invalid?

NO, absolutely not!

I think, as humans, we are all or nothing in our thoughts. We think an authors work and the author themselves are one and the same. If they slip up, this means that their work is corrupted. This is not true. Messengers don’t always embody their message and so by thinking they must embody it, we lose the benefits of their work. This view is puritanical.

Many years ago I met two authors, You all know them, but I can’t mention names of course. Let’s just say, Oprah made them famous.  At the time, I was working at a bookstore and was sitting in the PR office. The authors would stop there first before they would they would give their talk . These authors were so arrogant and exuded the exact opposite of what they write about. In fact, one said” I can’t have any one touch me, I just want to chant a mantra and leave.”  So much for “ Compassion to all and we are all the same.” This asshole was walking around like some kind of god with a pole stuck up his ass.  But yet, his work is tremendous and so helpful. If I were to judge his work by his character, I would lose out on so much.

Want a more shocking example? Let’s look at the Dalai Lama, he is untouchable right? The embodiment of compassion?  Go research how he treated his own people who don’t believe in the same form of Buddhism that he believes in. Let’s just say, many have died because of his intolerance . Yet, his wisdom is unsurpassed in Buddhism . Oh and the reason I can mention him by name and not the other authors is because his relationship to the sect Dorje Shugden is easily ascertained, since it is very public knowledge . Go check it out and tell me what you think of the Lama.

The lesson here is that,  You don’t need to like the  establishment but please don’t confuse it with the spiritual message . Because if you can hate Christianity and selectively ignore the atrocities of other religions, then there is a disconnect . We as occultists should be a light on to the world. Doreen Virtue is following her path, whether you like it or not and we are NO ONE to judge her.

She has even given up her royalties because her older products do not represent who she is anymore her . You will be hard pressed to find other authors who don’t live their work do that . She has changed and this is her truth now.  Just like you want to live your truth, she showed be allowed to live hers as well.

Speak soon.


Doreen Virtue Video:

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