Many people have approached me regarding the pronunciation of the various mantras in my books. In the books, I do my best to transliterate the mantras but sometimes that is not enough because they can be rather complex. With that in mind I am creating audios of all the mantras in my books. Every few weeks I will release a new set of mantras. The programs below will not only illustrate how to pronounce the mantras. I will be pronouncing them along with you for a minimum of 108 times. In some of the audios I go for the whole 1008; it depends on the mantra at hand. The programs also come with a PDF insert with pertinent information regarding the mantras. Audios range from 7 minutes to 90 minutes long.

As you will see, I am charging a very nominal fee for this service. All transactions are processed securely through Paypal and Stripe, the credit card processor. I hope this addresses this issue. Thank you all for letting me know there was a need for this. I will initially handle all orders myself with a little help from my friends at Numinosity Press Inc, who have allowed me to create these audios in their studio. I hope these will help you.

Kali Mantra Magick Audios:
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