Surya Mantra Magick

From the many planets and stars that abound in space, only one, besides our own can be said to be the most important, and that is the Sun which is a star, but astrologically a planet..It provides for every life that exists on this great earth. For without it, nothing would grow; nothing would live. It is for this reason the sun has been worshiped since the dawn of time. The ancients intuitively knew that the Sun was the power behind life and the universe. Countless sun cults sprang up throughout spiritual texts. Most of these Sun-centric spiritual traditions are now just memories that fill dusty old books. There is only one world religion that still makes the God of the sun the center of its universe, and that is Hinduism.We find in its sacred texts the God Surya, a good of unsurpassed power and glory. To many Hindus, he is the creator of the universe and the source of all that lives. He appears first in the Rigveda the oldest spiritual text of Hinduism. In it, he is the defeater of darkness. So popular is he that for millions around the world, he is the first to be honored in the morning, either through ritual or through Yoga.In this book, we will discuss this wonderful being. I will take you through his twelve mantras. Each with its own power to change various aspects of your life, such as:Finding friendship and LoveAcquiring Inner Strength and FortitudeDispelling darkness in your life, no matter what the source For Health and Well beingFor the Attainment of GoalsFor wisdom, be it occult or mundaneJust to name a few…I will also discuss a novel way to get in tune with the sun while you chant Surya’s mantras. It involves geomagnetic rhythms. By adding this one element, you will enhance not only your work with Surya, but all other magickal and mantra practices you may already be doing. I do hope you enjoy this book.

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