Today on the isle of Mull I sat in a remote cave called ‘the cave of the dead’. There I Keened (cry,sob,lament). It was such a wonderful and illuminating experience. Past hurts and resentments came up. Hurts and resentments that I thought I had dealt with a long time ago. Apparently, more work had to be done. So many complex emotions poured out.

One that shocked me was that of anger. Not anger towards someone specific, but anger towards the land itself. I flashed back to a known past life of mine in which I was a Roman soldier conquering certain areas of the British isles and I felt this anger and regret that “we” Romans didn’t finish the job here and that we should have razed this place to the ground so that it would never be habitable . This shocked me…

When I snapped out of that, I released it and let it go for good. I emerged from that cave cleansed of some of the darkness that was in my soul that I thought was already cleansed long ago. The shaman on this trip said it best ” the land is relentless and real and it will bring out things in you that you didn’t know existed”. He was right.

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