It often pains me to see what is going on in the Occult. I know the term “Occult” is rather broad, but it is, indeed a very broad issue I want to discuss here. The Occult space today is in turmoil, with more drama than anything I have seen.  Many try to goad me into saying something against certain occultists or to take sides, but I never take the bait. Why? Because none of us, not you, not me, have the right to tell a fellow brother and sister in the occult that they are less powerful, or stupid or that their form of Occult practice is wrong.

Isn’t that what we all ran away from when religion told us we were no good and going to hell?  Why would we do it to our own fellow occultists?  You don’t have to like or adhere to anything others do.  If they are White-light Wiccan, so be it, if they are Left-hand path, so be it.  Why are we importing the toxic waste that results from the worst of humanity into our communities?  Didn’t we run away from this? Did we not learn over the many years of existence that such behavior destroys from within?

If you look at all these occult groups, most contain chest-thumping egomaniacs that aren’t really occultists, they are simply thugs with the illusion of power and a little knowledge. Sure, they can curse you and send you a demon. They think, “My demon is bigger than your demon”… Seriously? Is that what it’s all about?  I have seen people threaten others for simply LEAVING an occult group because they didn’t agree with them. Is this what we have become? A Petty, tribal bunch?  How are these factions different from the very religions they are running from?  I don’t get it.  I have never seen such egocentricity and misplaced rage in my life, and trust me; I have been around the block MANY times.  I understand most who act like this are crying out for help, I get it. The Dark Night of the Soul grabs those of us in the Occult and can bring us to our knees. It is still no reason to treat others like crap.

We didn’t just stumble onto the Occult by accident. You know that, right?  Would it be so hard for us to help one another instead of tearing each other down?

I am not saying a person can’t defend themselves, but why would one want to destroy someone who disagrees with them? Sounds awfully like the inquisition if you ask me. 

How did that work out for us? Many of us have past lives in which we were persecuted, yet we are doing the same.

Can we take a moment before we let ego overtake us to see that the person on the other side is like us? They are a fellow Occultist just trying the best they can to make their way in this world.  Why do we want to destroy that?   

Maybe I am naive, but I won’t allow pessimism and cynicism to distort my hope of and for the future. I know we got this.

What about you?

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