From the upcoming Course ‘Hebrew For Occultists.’

The Hebrew alphabet, unlike most alphabets is multilayered and contains deep spiritual meanings within each letter. In Hebrew, the language is referred to as “Lashon Hakodesh” or literally, the holy tongue.   It is considered to be the language of heaven. In the Talmud, Judaism’s oral tradition, in tractate Shabbat 12.B, one rabbi goes on to say that angels and other spiritual being do not understand prayers in any other language but Hebrew.  This, of course, is not true, but it is made to illustrate that supposedly Hebrew is the only language spoken in heaven.

The Hebrew Alphabet is comprised of 22 letters, all consonants, with 5 additional letters that are used at the end of words, also called “Finals”. In the mystical text called the Sefer Yezirah (Book of Creation), the Hebrew letters are the very foundation of all of creation.

In Or Ha-Ganuz (Hidden light) a Kabbalistic text it states “The Letters of the Torah are vessels and chambers of God, and by means of Kavanah (“Intention” this word is also considered to be a word for meditation) man draws down within them the emanations of the supernal light.  In the Midrash Rabbah a Hebrew exegetical text it states “Just as the Torah was created by means of the holy language, so too, the world was created by the holy language (Genesis Rabbah 18.4).

In another Jewish text Called “Toldot Yaakov Yosef” it states, “Just as there are 22 letters of the Torah and prayer, so there are 22 letters in all the existent things of matter and body because the world was created by their means…but the letters are clothed in matter…and within letters, there the spiritual force of the Holy One blessed be he is dwelling…”

As I mentioned earlier, the ancient Jewish mystical text called the Sefer Yezirah presented the power of the Hebrew letters.  Not much is known about the Sefer Yezirah but it is said that it was a mystical text revealed to the patriarch Abraham. This means that from the earliest days of humanity, someone knew the secrets of creation. Through the years, many mystics of the Jewish faith have studied it. Some have even used the letters to perform miracles.

The Hebrew letters come directly from God. Within them contain the secrets of all there is.  If one were to decipher their power, one could ascertain the precise roadmap God used to create the universe.  In many ways, each and every letter is infused with Gods manifestation power.

The Hebrew alphabet seems rather simple when you look at it, but that is the beauty. Within the letters, the deepest secrets of the cosmos reside.

Each and every single letter is creative in some way, shape or form.  They are often expressed as residing in 3 levels.

Letters 1-9 reside in the primordial or archetypal level.

Letters 10-18 reside in the world or level of creation and manifestation.

Letters 19-22 resides in the supernal or cosmic level.

When you simply gaze at them you are activating creative worlds.

In many ways, it is similar to the Sanskrit in that each letter is significant and in and of itself contains power in the simple utterance of them. Even just looking at them can convey their power. One does not need to understand what they are looking at in order for the power to transmit. When you look at the sky or at water. Do you truly know what they are? Do you know the exact mathematics behind how they work? Sure, you might know that water is H20. Do you truly know how it came about exactly? Some might say they do, but most of us, including myself have no idea how water works or how the sky doesn’t just get sucked out into space. Regardless of my ignorance of how they work, both are keeping me alive. You see what I mean? The same goes for the letters.

If you are looking to increase your spiritual connection, working with Hebrew letters is a good place to start.


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