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In this chapter I am going to take you on an interesting ride in which we look deeper at letters and numbers and how they relate to one another and to Tiamat more specifically. It is quite speculative, but I suspect it will be of great interest to you and can potentially add meaning to Tiamat and her ultimate purpose.  The way we will do this is through something called Gematria.

If you have studied the occult or more specifically the Kabbalah, you may have encountered the term Gematria.  In Gematria we try to ascertain additional meaning from letters by looking at their numerical value and manipulating them in various ways. These numerical values often contain hidden secrets that would otherwise not be ascertained by reading the surface text.  It is VERY popular in Kabbalah study and can only truly be understood in Hebrew. I employ it ALL THE TIME In my own kabbalistic practices.  I will cover Gematria in much greater depth in my upcoming course on Kabbalah.

You may be asking yourself. What does Gematria have to do with Tiamat?  Good question and thank you for asking.

As you may know, numbers show up in almost all religious and spiritual texts. Be it 40 days and 40 nights, the trinity (3), 10 Commandments, the 10 sefirot in the kabbalah. And of course, the most famous number of them all, 666; the supposed number of the beast.

I for one do not believe this is a negative number, and I have a feeling many of you also would agree.  To me, aside from the historical connotations, i.e. Emperor Nero, the number signifies upheaval and a destruction of the old. Chaos for lack of a better term. Chaos is not a bad thing; it's absolutely necessary for new potentials to become actualized.

Before I go into detail, first let me itemize the Hebrew letters and their numerical value, this way you can do the math with me as we work through this chapter.  There are several forms of Gematria, we will use the two most common kinds with the following numerical values. ALL Gematria sources are considered valid; they are simply used in different contexts. In kabbalah they are used interchangeably.

Hebrew letter Values -  Example 1: 

Hebrew letter Values -  Example 2: 

In the following example, we will use Hebrew letter Values -  Example 1 as our method for Gematria.  

As I stated earlier in the book, we know that Tiamat is called “Tehom” in the book of Genesis, and as in the Enuma Elish, Genesis is discussing a primordial moment when Tiamat is roaming the void. 

An old Testament Scholar by the name of Hermann Gunkel (1862-1932) spent a lot of time thinking about the Book of Genesis and the Enuma Elish; especially Tiamat.  He, as other scholars agreed, that the term, Tehom means Tiamat. Now here is where it gets interesting.  In Hebrew, there are a few ways to say “ancient” and “Primordial." One way, that he used, was “קדמוניה” Pronounced “Kadmonia." Kadmon is the root of that word by the way.  So he wrote the term “ תהום קדמוניה” or “ Tehom Kadmonia." This means “Primordial Abyss/Deep”. Which, as we know, has been said to be a reference to Tiamat.  Let us see why this is significant. Let’s look at each letter and its numerical value and add them up. Shall we?

ת - 400

ה - 5

ו - 6

ם - 40

 ק - 100

ד - 4

מ - 40

ו - 6

נ - 50

י - 10

ה - 5

Add them all up and you get = 666.

So, the term for “primordial abyss” is equal to 666. We also know that both Judaism and Christianity have villainized the serpent, and Christianity has assigned the great serpent the number 666. So, we can see there is a correlation. Now please note, I do not think the serpent is evil. That is all just religious propaganda, BUT, it is still significant that this number still equals 666.  That is as far as Gunkel went with Tiamat in terms of Gematria. I am going to take it further and show you how deep this Gematric rabbit hole can go.

Since we know that through Tiamat, all the universe was created. She is, in many ways, the very essence of creation and in a rather direct way, the creator God herself despite how the creation transpired.  Some would say, she is the Goddess of us all. After all, it is also through her that all other Gods emerge.  This fact leads me to the next Gematric journey.

The term in Hebrew for “Your God” is pronounced “Eloheychem."   Let’s look at this word in Hebrew.

In the following example, we will use Hebrew letter Values -  Example 2 as our method for Gematria.  


Using Gematria method two, let us add these letters up.

א - 1

ל - 30

ה - 5

י - 10

 כ - 20

ם - 600

Add them all up and you get = 666.

So now we have Primordial Deep/abyss which is Tiamat and “Your God” and can also be used plural to mean “ Your Gods” both equaling 666.  If you strip the religious propaganda away, we can see that perhaps there is something going on here.  HOWEVER, I am not done yet.  I have three more things I would like to mention.

As we have seen, Tiamat is often referred to as a serpent and or dragon.  Since we see a correlation with 666, we will use the common form of “snake” since according to some religionists, the snake in the garden of Eden and the beast of 666 are one and the same being.  We also find Leviathan and Rahab of the previous chapters referred to as “serpent."  Let us take a look at the word serpent in Hebrew, pronounced “NACHASH” and see what Gematria tells us.


We will use Hebrew letter Values -  Example 1 for this example.


Now let’s add them up, and we get = 358.

Well, not quite 666, BUT here is why I mention this. It will make perfect sense in a moment and will tie into the previous Gematric examples.

Still using Hebrew letter Values -  Example 1 . We will now look at another word. The word below is pronounced “Mashiyach."


מ 40

ש - 300

י - 10

ח - 8

Now let’s add them up, and we get = 358.

The word above in Hebrew means…MESSIAH. Yes, you read that right.  In Gematria, we have the word for Snake and Messiah equaling the same numeric value and to top it all off; it is using the same Gematria system.

Now to go even further into the gematric rabbit hole. If you add 3+5+8 you get = 16.

The word for “She” in Hebrew is.



Add it up, it equals 16. So snake and Messiah perhaps point to a feminine aspect. Tiamat maybe?

So here is where I am going with this.  In the first two examples, we find that “Primordial Abyss/deep” that is Tiamat and the term “ Your God” both equal 666.

We know that through her, all exists, she is the Goddess of the universe.  So, the two perhaps are related. Tiamat is our creator. “Tiamat is Your God."

Now we know that 666 and Tiamat are associated with the serpent. We find the word for Serpent numerically equals 358.  We also find that term for savior or Messiah is also 358. And when you add the numbers together for 3+5+8 you get 16, which corresponds with the word “She."

When you put all these pieces together. We find a hidden meaning behind Tiamat, the snake and creation itself.  We can speculate that it is through Tiamat, and her energy that we are not only created, but are also freed. We know in the occult that chaos and magick are meant to redeem us from bondage, not enslave us. For many 666 means that very thing, freedom. So perhaps, 666, the number of the “beast” is, in fact, the number of redemption and its through the primordial deep/abyss of Tiamat, we can find that in ourselves. After all, it is through her that we exist. Her very salty essence is in our blood.

Perhaps the writers of Old and New Testaments were trying to tell us something but hid it behind a veil.  I know it is speculative, but this is exactly how Gematria works. It teases out meaning. As speculative as it is, It is something we should seriously think about. Perhaps there is even a veiled reference to Kundalini right there as well. Kundalini is, after all, a serpent and feminine in nature. I just touched the surface here. There is a lot more to this.

However, for the sake of brevity, I must move on.

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