In the beginning, there was naught but untamed, chaotic waters…Her name… Tiamat. 

From such waters came all things. The waters were shrouded in darkness and the waves tumultuous. It was, a great void in which nothing could be seen or heard. However, from the depth of this boundless, angry sea, life would emerge. From this eternal chaos, order would find its way. If not for the great primordial Goddess Tiamat, nothing would be, for she is the foundation for all life.

Tiamat is truly the mother goddess of every creation. Through the darkened and treacherous hallways of Myth, her image emerges at every turn. In some traditions, she is Leviathan from the Bible with a masculine energy. In others, she is the Mother of Chaos and Void such as in Mesopotamian Myth and the Book of Enoch. She is all those things and everything in between. She is found in every corner of mankind’s spiritual endeavor. She is the water that gives us life.

After a powerful dream about her, I was compelled to write this book.

In this book, I will discuss her history from Babylonian creation to her veiled appearances throughout the Bible and other texts. We will then venture off into a speculative discourse on gematria to discern her secret number. A Number so reviled and feared, yet misunderstood for the past 2000 years.

From there, you will learn her great magick. 

Dive with me, if you will, into the great murky depths of Tiamat, the mother of us all. 

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