We have been taught for centuries that magick needs to be hard. In many ways this idea became “hard wired” and like any habit, old habits die hard. It’s time for a revolution in Magick, we can’t be teaching the same old traditions. Its time for a change. I am hoping to at least start the dialogue with my books. Many will have a vested interest in ignoring what I have written and that’s okay. There is plenty of room for both the OLDE and the NEW. If even a few people challenge the status quo whether through my work or other ground breaking works, a new way of thinking can emerge. For I will tell you the truth, the constant adherence to the “old ways” of magick is keeping to the status quo. It’s time to break out of that. I do admit that my way is not as romantic as the old ways. Romanticism is just that…Romanticism. If that means I am unpopular in the occult crowd. This is okay…so Mote it be.